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Application of CrPC 91

image for application on


  1. A R Khan October 23, 2018 Reply

    Hello Sir,
    Please share soft copy / Template. I need to file Appeal In Bombay HC to quash Interim maintenance order under 125.
    Please help me in this matter

    • Shonee Kapoor October 26, 2018 Reply

      Appeal has to be created as per the merits of the case. There can not be a format for the same.

  2. Harminder Singh October 14, 2018 Reply

    Wife ki last three years ki itr bhi maang sakte hain kya. If yes can you draft for me in hindi because up courts main hindi ke liye bolte hain. And main intrim 4000 maintenance pay kr rha hu already. Plz main me.

    • Shonee Kapoor October 15, 2018 Reply


  3. malar September 25, 2018 Reply

    Sir i have submitted a petition Cr.P.c91 as party in person in the Sessions court seeking order to summon the employer of my husband in this appeal filed by my husband on interim maintenance order. I have not submitted an affidavit along with the application.

  4. Timir Das September 23, 2018 Reply

    Thank you so much for providing this valuable CrPC 91 notice format. It is very much a valuable resource to be used in my Section 125 Case as well.
    Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

  5. Saurabh July 19, 2018 Reply

    Dear sir

    Request you to please help sending copyable format for crpc 91 application

    Thank you very much.


  6. Monalisha May 28, 2018 Reply

    Please do email the format to my email id.

  7. Niraj verma May 13, 2018 Reply


    Kindly share the application for CRPC 91


    Niraj verma

  8. Sumit April 18, 2018 Reply

    Sir I requested you to please email this format on

  9. sumit April 14, 2018 Reply

    Sir plz email me Crpc91 format

  10. Abhishek Bharti April 6, 2018 Reply

    Hello sir,
    Kindly emqil me the application format to release the passport
    Abhishek Bharti

  11. BRIJ MOHAN CHIBBER January 29, 2018 Reply

    extremely important application

  12. Raj January 28, 2018 Reply

    Hello Sir,
    I am facing 498a, DVC & crpc 125, my wife faked all the allegation and booked 8 of my family members.
    she mentioned the date which is May 2015 in one of the incidents, do i still able to get CDR details of this date? or they are removed from the records of telcome provider?

    • sigma April 8, 2018 Reply

      yes you can get it by legal procedures

  13. Gaj January 13, 2018 Reply

    Hi Sir,

    Please share a copy of the CrPc 91 template on my email id.


    • Shonee Kapoor January 14, 2018 Reply

      Please get it by writing to me using contact me page

      • Amit February 1, 2018 Reply

        From where contact for application of crpc 91, my wife file crpc 125 and interim order rs. 4000 Pm , and also hm24 file by her . Any judgment of she can not get both maintenance, her advocate argu that she is able to litigation charges also, but I m not capable to paid this huge Amt. And also I want application copy of crpc 91,
        So please help me, I am files sec 9 from 2015

        • Shonee Kapoor February 7, 2018 Reply

          There is a contact me bar at my home page use that.

  14. Bhasker January 11, 2018 Reply

    Hello sir

    Currently my both DVC and MC are Further evidence stage of respondent.

    In both DVC and MC cases I have filed crpc91 and CRL. MP. NO was given and opposite party submitted counter and I have submitted arguments for Crpc91.

    But now lower court even after accepting arguments, closed respondent Further evidence and asked me to proceed for arguments in MC and DVC

    But my question is why the lower court proceeding case, not summoning for documents to sought.

    Can we appeal this before high court my mentioning that lower court not proceedings are not asper process.


    • Shonee Kapoor January 12, 2018 Reply

      I can’t advise without looking into complete documents. Revision in Session Court could be an option. Whether the same would be effective or not can not be ascertained without looking at complete documents.

  15. rajesh December 21, 2017 Reply

    thank u
    your are doing wonderful and most apretiated activity

  16. Sumanth Bhaskar December 8, 2017 Reply

    Hi Sir,

    Please share me a copy of crpc 91 application template on email address

    Sumanth Bhaskar

  17. Kirtiman November 22, 2017 Reply

    Dear Sir,
    Please send me Doc copy of this application.

  18. Samit November 20, 2017 Reply

    Can i file the TEP If my wife shows false expenditure of rs 9 lakhs and her parents are retired. This is second marriage for her

    • Shonee Kapoor November 25, 2017 Reply


  19. Samit November 20, 2017 Reply

    Can i use it for employers of my wife where she worked before marriage. To show that she is capable and is deliberately not working. She is more qualified than me….. Ma / mba. Digital marketing certified.

    • Shonee Kapoor November 25, 2017 Reply


  20. Guitar boy September 7, 2017 Reply

    Won’t the wife also try to use same thing to get access to the husband’s income details?

    • Shonee Kapoor September 7, 2017 Reply

      Yes, but then we fight misuse of law and false cases. We don’t recommend lying or levelling false accusitions.

      If we counter falsehoods with falsehoods, cruelty with cruelty, misuse of law with misuse of law, then how can we say those women misusing law are bad. We would be equally bad

  21. Bhasker September 1, 2017 Reply

    Hello Sir,

    Am fighting my crpc 125 in person, currently petition cross completed..

    Next date I need to submit evidence affidavit..

    Can you please share me any sample evidence affidavit for Crpc125.. So that I will prepare my own..

    Thanks for your support..

    • Shonee Kapoor September 1, 2017 Reply

      Your evidence affidavit has to be on your pleadings

    • Devi September 7, 2017 Reply

      Sir check her salary details through detective

      • Shonee Kapoor September 8, 2017 Reply

        Sure, one can check through detective and then use this application

  22. Bhasker August 6, 2017 Reply

    Please share soft copy of this template application for crpc91.. Below mail address

    • Shonee Kapoor August 9, 2017 Reply

      please use contact us form to get the same.

      • Piyush November 20, 2017 Reply

        Can we use this application to retrieve Facebook chats as well?

        • Swamy January 28, 2018 Reply

          Application Crp91

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