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Success Story- Rape Extortion Busted


A high profile rape extortion racket was busted in Samalkha, Panipat yesterday. Here is the full story as it unfolded.
Sanjay was accused of false rape charges by Ravita with a bid to extort Rs. 50 Lakhs from the accused. As per the FIR, Sanjay had raped Ravita twice, once in August 2017 in fields and then again on 31-10-2017 at her own shop. Sanjay approached me with the problem of this extortion bid. Fortune favoured Sanjay as well as on 31-10-2017 he was in Rohtak for some family function and there was a video recording of the same incident.
Sanjay went underground to avoid arrest. A strategy was formed and a counter attack was planned. We requested Police to get the CDRs of Sanjay from the Mobile Service Provider that showed that Sanjay was not in Samalkha, Panipat on that day. Medical test done on the complainant also ruled out any sexual assault. Thus police also became amiable to the fact that it was a racket working which has previously also extorted few people, who paid up to avoid any confrontation and save their skin from such heinous charges. An ex- chairman of the Samalkha Trade Union was the kingpin of this racket. Instead of giving into the exbortiant demands, a protracted negotiation was carried out over next 3 days and an amount of Rs. 20 Lakhs was settled by Anil, brother of Sanjay. To build the trust of the blackmailers an amount of Rs. 5 Lakhs was paid to the middleman Ashok Kuchlan. And 5-11-2017 was agreed for the day for paying the remaining amount.
Yours truly created an agreement, which the complainant would sign stating that she had done the case in haste as Sanjay and her husband had some tiff. SP and DSP was approached and the amount of Rs. 15 Lakhs was sprinkled with phenolphthalein powder and the said notes were given under recording to Ashok Kuchlan at his godown in the presence of Ravita and her husband. Immediately the Police in the presence of Duty Magistrate raided the premises and nabbed the culprits redhanded.
An FIR No. 713/ 2017 was lodged in Police Station Samalkha, Panipat under Sections 109/115/116/120-B/195/211/384/388/389 of IPC against all accused.


What worked in the favour of Rape Accused was that his whole family stood by him and his presence of mind and his determination of not giving into extortion. What further helped is that his brother acted immediately and as per plan to nab the culprits and not settle the case. The Senior Police Officers’ action was also prompt and they definitely wanted to get rid of such racket from their area. Also, there was no delay in thinking twice or looking back once the strategy for counter attack was formed.

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  1. Rahul November 6, 2017 Reply

    Awesome! Presence of mind is dam important thing.

  2. Vhikasa November 6, 2017 Reply

    Really great work done.
    I request all citizens to do not bow down to any false complainant & settlements.

  3. Sanjeev November 6, 2017 Reply

    Great to see such an initiative. This will go a long way in cleaning up the legal terrorism /extortion industry. Unfortunately in a few other cases ambitious lawyers are also part of the extortionists ! Thankfully you are on the side of the right and truth. Best wishes !

  4. Amit kumar November 6, 2017 Reply

    Congrats shonee…You have been source of hope for many of us

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