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Divorce Rate in India

The divorce rate in India is so low – about 13 in 1,000 marriages, against 500 in 1,000 marriages in the UK – that it arguably looks fishy.

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Acquittal Rate in 498a Cases

The acquittal rate in 498a (Dowry Harassment) Cases is very high. The acquittal rate in all other IPC cases stands at 59.20%.

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Rape Case Acquittal Rate

In 2010, 14,263 cases of rape were decided, with the accused being acquitted in 10,475 cases, or 73.4%. Only 26.6% accused were convicted.

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Acquittal Rate in Dowry Death

The acquittal rate in Dowry Death cases is very high because Police treats the even death of married women in accident as dowry death.

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Welcome to

To use an oft repeated cliche – some people are born activists, some grow to be and on some activism is forced upon. I fall in last category. I don’t claim to be an activist or anything, but as with labels it is difficult to get away from.


Some years back, I was sucked into the labyrinth of Indian Matrimonial laws and a false 498a in particular. To be fair, before it hit me, it was difficult for me to fathom the wide spread misuse of dowry laws and specially 498a in India. I was working with a software company and had not seen the inside of the police station or court room till that day.


As I progressed in my cases, I increasingly found that odds are loaded against men in general, whether it was to be assumed guilty till proven otherwise, access to the child, maintenance laws or even the innocuous law of divorce, which on the face of it is equal for both sexes. But, as they say, “if you don’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you’ve lost.” I set about fighting back, so there was no other option but to fight-back.


Why this website?

The site is a work in progress and all efforts are being taken to provide relevant and updated information. However, it is strongly urged that you use the information after due deliberation with a legal expert of your choice. The owner of this site does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by the user of this site.

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  • The quality of advice of Mr. Shonee Kapoor is unmatched in matrimonial cases. His advice to me on Perjury has helped me close my case on my own terms. I wish him Good luck in his endeavours and may God bless him.


    ~Virender Stokes

  • Thanks a lot. Due to your website, so many brothers have saved their life after reading useful information they came out of fear & suicidal tendencies. Thanks lot for your work & support.


    ~Ramesh Gowda

  • I met Shoneeji during a men’s right meeting and he gave me a patient hearing. Even though I am not from Delhi, he kept guiding me on email and phone as I was fighting my own cases. Today, I am a free man with no case on me or my family. I owe a big thanks to Shoneeji for his timely advice and guidance.  

    ~P.V. Subba Reddy

  • Sahodar meetings are the most important & result oriented for the people who are trapped into these Gender Baised Laws. Guidance and advice of Respected Shonee Kapoor sir is truly excellence at par. Sahodar helps me to understand law well and becomes a ray of hope to fight well of mine cases. "Less Activisms, More solution..!!


    ~Harish Kumar, CA

  • Hello Shonee sir, I just want to thank you :-). I have battled usual fake matrimonial cases and your comments, suggestions and feedback on various forums to various people really helped me while preparing for my battle and winning the battle (if one calls defending well as winning), also you were kind to answer my emails. Really appreciate the good work you are doing and thanks again :-)


    ~Prashant Gawai

  • The crystal clear advise and no-nonsense approach of Mr. Shonee Kapoor has helped me quite a lot in my fight against my ex-wife and her family. Not only has he fought his own cases with aplomb but helped many like me, who are honoured to have him as Friend, Philosopher and Guide.  

    ~Sandeep Taneja