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Marital Rape – Marriage, Sex and My Choice

Marital Rape – Marriage, Sex and My Choice

Marital Rape is defined as an act of sexual intercourse with one’s spouse without the consent of other spouse. It is quite a recent phenomenon which has caught up the fancy of western world. Till 1970s very few countries considered marital rape as a crime and now talks are on to make it a crime in India as well.

Marital Rape tests the very basis of marriage. Human history is just 2,00,000 years old. Most civilizations don’t go back further than 3000 years of recorded history. History before that is a combination of Myths and folktales.

Till the roles of the sexes started merging in late 19th Century, males were expected to go out, earn & provide for whereas females were expected to stay at home and tend. Chastity amongst females was more valued than amongst males. In most cultures including Islam and Hinduism males were allowed polygamy, whereas polyandry was rare and even when practiced amongst the same clan of males; was known as fraternal polyandry.

Marriage itself rose from the need of consolidation of property or resources. And whether it was polygamy or polyandry, the basic need was to ensurethat land remained intact and stayed within the same family. In areas with vast resources and violent communities which were constantly at war to gather more and more resources and high death rate resulted from these violent contacts; polygamy meant a high chance of survival for a few of the offsprings to survive and benefit from the resources. Another aspect which cannot be missed here is that in these communities natural number of surviving females was more than males. Fraternal polyandry was practised in areas with scarce resources where the idea was to limit human population and enhance child survival. Many people from polyandrous clans used to renounce the claims on land by being celibates or priests. And if we think that Polyandry is a thing from the past, Malwa region in Punjab and Mewat region in Haryana which have seen a great gender imbalance due to female infanticide and shrinking land holdings have many cases of polyandry and the cases are growing at a fast pace.

Marriage thus gave a license to the adults to engage in sexual acts for procreation as per the needs of the tribe or place by various forms of it. Sex outside marriage is considered a sin by all religions mainly because that can give rise to bastardization. Adultery thus is a punishable offence for women in Islam and the adulterer is punished in common law countries. This is the reason even though prostitution was &is, rampant in all communities, the prostitutes and their offspring’s had no rights.Though no Feminist ever stood up to have an adulterous women punished.

Most Feminists have used the victim card and demanded favourable laws in the name of equality. Again, marital-rape demanding feminists want to play their victim card and seek lop-sided laws. This is right after Deepika Padukone famously portrayed:

My choice,

To marry, or not to marry,

To have sex before marriage, to have sex out of marriage, or to not have sex

However, with the passage of time, our race rose to a notion called equality. Equality was first practised through communism. Even before women’s rights became the talking point amongst ruling classes of US and elsewhere, Communism embraced it. Marx spoke of equality of sexes thus increasing the working class to include 50% of the population. Mao also went a step forward and in his historic address after Chinese Revolution of 1949 said, “Times have changed, and today men and women are equal. Whatever men comrades can accomplish, women comrades can too.”

Communism being a fairy tale idea appealed to women of the west also. You look at the articles and you would see Feminism, Racial Discrimination, Equality are all rolled together in a nasty concoction. But there is a very thin line separating the third world demand for equality which is against oppression, discrimination & exploitation of women, giving them equal opportunities to study, work and decide and the other “women liberation” urging the women to demand the “generosity” of governments for the privileged few, upper-class women.

“Times they are a changing” ! Believe me or not, we live in the best of the times for equality. Never before a Negro or a Shudra or a slave or a woman had a chance to own property, run business, be the head of the government or be a minister. And what have we sacrificed in all this equality? Nothing, merely a family.


you are my choice,

I’m not your privilege.

The bindi on my forehead, the ring on my finger,

adding your surname to mine,

they’re all ornaments and can be replaced

Legislation after legislations in the west and then aped by the rest kept these nations falling prey to communism but at a great cost. The family system was destroyed. The average family size in erstwhile USSR is now 3.1 and in China 3.0 but it plummeted to 2.6 in USA and at 2.4 UK has the biggest families in Europe. And hear, hear, more females than males stay alone in all these countries. And hold hold hold, 5% of british fathers are already rearing a bastard.

My choice; to have your baby or not

To pick you from 7 billion choices or not.

Rape as a concept is about power, unfortunately in India its wrongly construed as physical power ONLY and thus a man cannot be raped or molested in India, legally speaking. In movies like Badrinath Ki Dulhania, when the male protagonist is molested by a group of men while saving the female protagonist, there are smiles and smirks by his co-stars because the concept of rape of a man is alien in India.  I dare say that if Feminism is about equality, let them seek gender-neutral Marital Rape. Let there be equality in the eyes of law, without the bias of gender, let there be equal right given to a man who is in an abusive relationship, let there be parity in terms oftheir basic need betweentwo partners who marry each other!!!

While the feminists are now demanding premium on sex, actually they want a premium on marriage. They want your ability to procreate taken over. They want their gender to decide, they want power to control the other gender.

So don’t get cocky

My pleasure might be your pain

My songs, your noise

My order, your anarchy



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  1. Zaheer Ahmed October 21, 2017 Reply

    Marital rape is another case will book on men’s why people or govt. not understand that men’s are also human beings and they will also cry do suicides . Those govt. which talk about more rights of women’s they don’t have right to ask vote from men . We men should boycott this politicians then only they understand.

  2. Zaheer Ahmed October 4, 2017 Reply

    Government should support equally to men the reason to support men because they are human beings I request govt to help men and amend the sections to tackle misuse of women laws

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