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mutual consent divorce application

This is a complaint template for lodging a complaint to state human rights commission.Complaint to State Human Rights Commission


  1. Shantu dutta August 6, 2018 Reply

    Respected sir please help us for domestic violation of our family my from our uncle and their sons they are snatching our right to live our own land by blocking our common passage that has given by constitutional right myself complaint against them several time to police station but no name is shantu dutta father name is KHOKAN DUTTA lives in mehedibagan burdwan 9064590193 it is our phone number please help us…

  2. Dr Adv Ujwala D Andrews February 7, 2018 Reply

    Thanks for this human rights, My complaint is of Pune Police, Khadak police 9822555559, for encouraging crime, refusing to file a complaint against Adv Mk Irani, Munir Patel, for last 20 yrs of Vinay High School Bhawani peth Pune, of which I am the lady Principal and a lawyer. Khadak police had filed a false complaint of hitting Munir Patel on his head, without relevant medical Documents from Ruby Hall on 2/2/96. Although I have won the criminal session case, in 2014, yet Police went to High Court with the threat of butchers. I have complaint to Khadak police to submit the medical Documents like Xray, C.T scan, MRP report from Ruby Hall and Jehangir hospital dt 2/2/96, but they are refusing to submit, with the threat of Adv Mk Irani, and Muslim butcher Patel, and thus depriving the lady retired Principal, of Human Rights, and she is compelled to shut the prestigious most awarded Vinay High School Bhawani peth for poor, imparting English Medium unaided schools, to shut. Hope you will do the strict inquiry of Khadak police and Adv Mk Irani, and grant me my human rights for the welfare of the poor Indians.
    Dr Adv Ujwala D Andrews
    Bhawanipeth Pune

  3. arvind January 27, 2018 Reply

    Thanks for all the support you lend to people.
    I always advise clients, never go to police station without a bail or anticipatory bail
    Always go with a lawyer.

    As you wait for a bail, file 482 petition in the High Court.
    This passes a message to the Police, that you are a no-nonsense person.

    482 Petition takes atleast 6 months to dispose.
    Till then Police drain off the other side and are content

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