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“Sahodar” is a Sanskrit word which means “sibling”. It was the initiative of the maker of this website, but soon turned inclusive and now have members from all walks of society lending support to the cause.

We strongly believe that each one of us can stand by other in the time of need like a sibling, and that is why we placed “Share the Stand” as the tagline of Sahodar.

There are many Men’s Rights Groups in India and abroad. Most of these groups focus on activism. Sahodar probably is the only group that provides people with legal guidance on how to fight cases.

Sahodar Currently runs two weekly meetings in Delhi and has partnered with Purush Adhikar Sangarsh Morcha to organize meetings in Faridabad, Jaipur and Hisar. People from other places are welcome to start a meeting in their cities and Sahodar would provide all assistance for the same. Details of these meetings can be sought by sending a message to 9811850498 or writing to

Another initiative from Sahodar is Sahodar Support Group WhatsApp group is open to all Victims of Gender Biased Laws disregarding their affiliations to other groups as long as they adhere to the policies of the groups, which are as follows:

  1. Any victim of gender biased laws against men can be a member of focus groups.
  2. At any stage a patron can be member of 3 focus groups. The limit exists to help more members take benefit of focus groups. One can change groups as per need at any time by requesting admins.
  3. The discussion in any particular focus group should be pertaining to the topics for which the group is created. All queries should be asked in relevant groups, if we keep asking same query in different groups, the purpose of focus groups is defeated. Though we are not very strict on this, but people who do the same purposely or spam multiple groups with same query are suspended.
  4. If any patron does following activities, he is suspended without any notice
  5. Sends forwards: No matter how deeply one feels about the issue which relates to forward, we run focus groups and not any other activity group.
  6. Sends News: No matter how current the news is or whether it relates to gender biased laws.
  7. Send Judgments when no one has asked for it.
  8. Abuses or fights with any other member: In most cases admin don’t have to do any justice as to who was right or wrong. All warring or abusing members would be suspended.
  9. If a member sends unwarranted personal messages to other members of the Focus Groups and a complaint is received against that member
  10. If a members defames anyone or promotes any advocate/ lawyer/ group.
  11. If a member does any political activity or promotes any political party.
  12. If a member spams multiple groups with same query.
  13. A suspended member can be added back if he agrees not to repeat the activity for which he was suspended, but a person who repeats the activity time and again may be barred permanently.
  14. Solicitation/ asking money/ loans/ monetary help of any kind warrants immediate removal and permanent removal from Focus Groups.
  15. Women like Mother-in-law/ sister-in-law who are victims of gender biased laws are allowed in the group.
  16. Practising advocates who have themselves been victims are assets to the group, they are allowed in the group, however they can not use the group for any benefits/ getting clients. Any complaints with regard to the same would be dealt sternly and such members would be barred from group.
  17. Any member interested doing Admin duties, may contact Shonee Kapoor directly through Personal Message
  18. There is NO FEE for joining any Sahodar Support WhatsApp group.

Over the years Sahodar has collected a lot of data of people fighting false cases and otherwise sympathetic to the cause of men. Though we are bound not to share the data with any individual or group or organization, we can always pass on the message on behalf of other groups for any activity they want to have and interested people may join the event/ activity/ cause. If you wish to have a discussion w.r.t. same, please feel free to call me at 8010850498 or write to me at