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Compliant under RTI ACT 2005

mutual consent divorce application


  1. Harish September 15, 2016 Reply

    The second qustion is reg.Application U/S 340 IPC.
    I have file 340 case as a counter case on 125 crpc ( main case) in 2011. But after long time there is no W/S or any reply file by opposit party. In this case judges are forcing me you have to first solve this main case then I will come on this 340 case.
    now the case is transfered in FTC court.what should I do…..
    Is there any remeady for to file the reply/WS before the court?
    Pls advice and suggest……….

  2. Harish September 15, 2016 Reply

    Shonee ji.
    I am harish from Lko.,U.P. There r so many queries regarding a harassed /victims husband by their spouse/wife.
    but here now, I want to know abt.SIC,LKO,U.P, state information comm. who is not giving information even after 4 months. however , I write to CIC,N.Delhi, as a 3rd appeal on 20.8.2016 copying to SIC,LKO,UP. Still i am waiting for reply.
    Now the question is that where should I go……..or apply for this type of complaint.
    Can/should I go in the court, if yes then which type of court?
    an reply will be highly appreciated………
    thanking u……..

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