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  • Recent Amendments in Rape Laws in India

    An article in our knowledge center which elaborates the recent changes in Rape Laws in India following the public outrage on Rape of minors in India. The article covers the salient features of the ordinance and amendments been made in Indian Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Evidence Act and POCSO Act.

  • IPC 354 | Molestation | Outraging the Modesty of a Woman

    354. Assault of criminal force on woman with intent to outrage her modesty (Molestation) (There are many instances where allegations of Molestation or Outraging the Modesty of woman is lodged against brother-in-law and father-in-law etc are levelled along with other section of marital discord including 498A. In this article, the author would confine to the section 354 of IPC i.e.

  • IPC 406 – Criminal Breach of Trust

    This article explains what is Section 406 of IPC or what is criminal breach of trust and what needs to be proved by prosecution to bring the conviction of the accused in this offence.

  • Counter Cases in 498A – Debunking Forwarded IPC Sections

    Counter Cases – Debunking Forwards of IPC Sections   When passions run high, reasoning goes on a sick leave. How many of us agree to the above adage. I do. My this mail might be like dousing cold water on the fires raging in some of you to file counter cases. Whenever I meet a victim, the first thing they

  • Stridhan

    Recently when for some specific purposes, I was looking for the exhaustive definition of Stridhan and its distinction with Dowry, I found the material or definitions available on net mostly wanting. Most places, it is mentioned that a property acquired by a woman before, at the time of marriage and later is Stridhan. But it could not be so simplistic

  • Advisory On 498a

    Advisory On 498a | Section 498 | 498a Ipc Divorce | Section 498a ipc Amendment

    To curb the misuse of section 498a of the Indian Penal Code, the government of India issued an advisory on measures to be taken by the states and union territories.

  • Advisory on measures to be taken by States/UT’s to curb misuse of section 498a of IPC

    Template detailing the measures to be taken by the states and U.Ts to curb the misuse of section 498A.