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Feminism – A lie which I don’t buy

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To me, feminism is such a simple description: it’s equal rights, economic rights, political rights, and social rights Callie Khouri, a Syrian-American film and television screenwriter, producer, director and a Feminist

A gender-equal society would be one where the word ‘gender’ does not exist: where everyone can be themselves Gloria Steinem, a self-styled Feminist

You are essentially a bad human being if you are not a feminist Kaliki Koechli, Indian movie actor and a Feminist

So what is Feminism? The most common answer from any feminist would be that its Equality. That makes me think, Is it?

I wonder if she also talked about men who are suffering at the hand of women. Because if she didn’t, then that goes against equality. I am also curious what equality would mean to such feminists when I would talk about responsibilities and duties. I haven’t heard any feminist talk about sharing the burden of earning the bread, when they talk about sharing the burden of “making the bread”. I wonder what these feminists have to say about adultery done by married women, which is not a crime but considers her paramour man (married or unmarried) as the accused. Feminists generally come around and give the “baby bearing” argument when every other argument fails. Now, living in a country with a population of 1.25 Billion people, I don’t think the “baby bearing” argument should be allowed to stretch any further for its own good.

Now you might argue since the inception of humankind, man has been the oppressor and women have faced oppression but today, with the shift of legal power (especially in India), laws are being made in favour of women. Which proves that if you don’t talk about men’s right in a discussion on equality, then you are not talking about equality at all at first place.

Now you might ask in what cases do men suffer? How can that possibly be? Because in your head, man has been the supreme oppressor for ages!

Google misuse of 498A-that’s the dowry law. Look at the number of suicides men have committed. I am sure of examples of several men pushed to their death might have an impact on you. Then, fake rape cases, now to you this might be a canard, a mere fantasy men like to use to their defenses or benefit to abuse feminism. Google Fake Rape Cases in India, also consider the divorce laws set in favor of women in India, with extra grounds available to a woman for a divorce against a man. Not talk of equality instead we have feminists telling us that for long women have suffered at the hands of men, now its their turn. Which completely exposes their position of “inequality” and admission of the fact that its not equality but revenge which they seek.

For several centuries when men had power, they abused it. They didn’t give women equal rights, the solution isn’t that give women more power so that now they can abuse men. This will only lead to more unrest and counter movements from the other side. So many laws have been made to punish the decadent practices from the past, which are now being exploited for blackmailing, hefty divorce settlements, crippling men psychologically. Are you telling me that women don’t pose problems for other women, its only Men? Again, because people don’t know how to justly use power. The go crazy when they gain power. The moot issue is not gender but power and to ensure just use of power, there have be checks and balances in place. Why is there no misuse clause in Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. Why is it that even when the Apex court of the country acknowledges the misuse of IPC 498A, there is no misuse clause added?

Today in newspapers, an alleged rape is given front page coverage while a man committing suicide is bundled in some inner pages in some inconspicuous corner. The average age of women in India has risen from 49 years in 1970-75 to 69.6 years in 2010-14 (WHO, 2015), while the only number which feminists would like to highlight is the male to female ratio of India at 1.08 (WDB,2012), which is much better than China (1.19) and not too far from UK/US (1.06).
Ask any male software developer about equality of status, not only women are given work from home option, when they come to office place, they can leave early too!! Since as per law, any lady leaving post 8pm would be a duty of employer for her home drop, while the male would be required to make his arrangements. Have you ever seen a woman crane operator in dusty mountains? How many women are electricians or gutter cleaners? No talk of equality here by women but they talk of equality in boardrooms.

Pick up any matrimonial websites, you will find women seeking proposals from successful, well-heeled men. Even girls who are earning, would like to marry someone who would be earning much higher than her. I don’t see any feminists seeking equality here. Now, when feminists talk about breaking a norm, isn’t this a norm which they should break, too! A guy would happily marry a girl earning the same as he does but girls more usually don’t marry such guys! It’s they who go for the big bucks, hence giving the middle finger to Equality. They want to be given special treatment and would look for any opportunity to take any rights but would still seek the man who willing to take the burden of being their protector.

There is a difference between a history lesson and identity politics also known as vote-bank politics. Vote-bank politics is meant to keep people divided, don’t teach women that they have to succeed because it’s a man’s world, teach them that they have to succeed because its their life and nobody’s responsible for it. It applies to men.
If feminism stands for equality than what about the third gender? If feminism is about equality, why haven’t feminists every talked about rights of third gender? No reservations for them when you want reservations as a right. Feminism works well for women who want visible power and influence – feminism has no long term survival strategy. If you like to tell your little daughter that she is looking like a Princess, why should there be an issue to talk about your little boy looking handsome Prince.

In 1816 Women had no rights.
In 1916 Women fought for some rights.
In 2016 Women are always f***ing right.

You can read about IPC 498A at 498A – Feature Page

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  1. Vinay August 8, 2017 Reply

    When I went to police station to complain about my wife towards me, my age old parents, my sister. The police were always saying to me today all laws are in favours if women and nothing can happen and you have to compromise. Even when I told them that they have attached us physically still same statements. I was helpless. Feminist is taken in wrong context to harresss other gender.

  2. ANAND VAID February 19, 2017 Reply

    Very right.
    There should be a heavy penalty if the cases filed by by these faulty wives are found to be false.
    And that should be a very strong deterrent.

  3. AK December 9, 2016 Reply

    Superbly articulated article

    • External Admin December 12, 2016 Reply

      Thanks AK

  4. Vineet Bharti December 9, 2016 Reply

    Writer nails the problem at source. “Its raw power without checks and balances” women look for better placed guys in matrimonial sites and don’t wish to settle with less earning guys. Another problem prevalent in arrange marriages is girls parents usually spend heavily to woo bright guys and cry hoarse when relationship turns sour. Whose fault is it? If guys ask dowry, why marry ur daughter to such a house.

    • External Admin December 12, 2016 Reply

      Our culture is just a series of checks and balances and certainly pendulum did swing in favour of men at a certain point of time. The current set of laws have created a culture where the pendulum is completely in favour of women in India and especially a wife. This needs to be balanced and has to be balanced within the realm of laws.

  5. Ravi December 8, 2016 Reply

    Basically feminism is maintaining patriarchal benefits with equality. In India, the NGO’s and welfare organizations working for woman are like mushrooms, but I never heard a single organization raising issues like legal financial liability of a married woman in her family; joint custody of child for the benefit of Child; along with the property rights just like her brother, woman should also has the legal liability to maintain and take care of her old parents and so…

    • External Admin December 12, 2016 Reply

      Thanks for your comments Ravi.

      We should confront the so-called feminists with such inconvenient questions which will thread their lies. We need to tell them that with rights come duties, which they can’t shun since they so gleefully accepted rights.

  6. Shivinder pal sangrur December 8, 2016 Reply

    Making any thing gender biased is not equality but favourism of that specific gender such as feminism

    • External Admin December 12, 2016 Reply

      Absolutely! That’s a lie we have to nail every-time we confront the feminists.

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